Welcome to SilentFlight and DESiE   Meanwhile   there   is   no   doubt   that   you   can fly   more   than   ten   minutes   using   electric powered          aeroplanes,          especially motorgliders     or     ultralights.     The     new generation   of   Li-Polymer   batteries   and   its derivates   are   powerful   enough   even   for the LSA class. We    started    our    homebuilt    » DESiE «     in 1993.   At   that   time   my   colleagues   of   the applied     electrochemistry     at     the     ICT (Fraunhofer   Society)   already   developed a   high   power   Li/LiCoO2   battery   in   their lab.   So   it   was   clear,   that   in   near   future the    energy    density    of    Li-Ion    batteries could reach 200Wh/kg. Our       airplane       is       uncompromisingly focussed    on    the    efficient    use    of    the provided    energy    storage.    The    tail-first configuration and the overall cleanness of   the   design   give   a   forefeeling   to   what the glider may capable in flight. With    a    » little    help    from    outside «         the maiden flight will be possible in 2012.